Transition to online web version only


Transition to online/web version only

After much debate, we will begin to transition to only offering the online/web version of the program. This will likely occur over the next six months, but could take longer. Most of our customers are already using the web/online version. We will raise the price of the desktop version to encourage the transition.

Having multiple versions has led to a lot of confusion. Although we explain in our FAQ and other places in our website, confusion remains. The fact of the matter is that many people don’t understand the difference between an installed application and a web application that is run through a browser. We have had many customers purchase the desktop version thinking that they purchased the online/web version. 

In order to simplify, we will transition to just offering the online/web version as this is the preferred version used now by most of our customers. We understand that some will not like this change, but we feel that for the majority of customers this will simplify things and lead to less confusion.