Studying for step 3

Are you studying for step 3 or looking for a program to help you study for step 3? While it’s important to learn the clinical content and facts of step 3, it could be very detrimental to your step 3 score if you are not familiar and prepared to take the CCS portion of the step 3 test. Did you know that the CCS portion of the test is worth 25% of your entire grade? That is 3% per case. The CCS portion can determine whether you pass or fail. It’s important that you are prepared. We recommend to all that are studying for step 3 to take a look at our interactive case simulator. You will not be learning from a book, but from software that will teach you and familiarize you with the actual software that you will be using on the real test day. This way, when the real test day arrives, you will be very familiar with the software including how to navigate the software, how to order, what to order, the sequencing of the orders, what’s important for diagnosis, what is important for treatment, and what is important for preventative care.

To those who are studying for step 3, why don’t you give our software a try. You can download a free version for 2 full cases that can show you how it works. The best thing that we can tell students that are studying for step 3 is that it gives you feedback on the orders on things that you did and what things you could improve on. It also gives you a final score when you complete the case. The final grading will give you feedback on the physical exam, the diagnostic orders, the treatment, and any preventative care.

You can download our free trial here.