Step 3 CCS Practice – Practice with a simulator almost identical to the real test

Like we’ve said on other posts, the best way to prepare for the step 3 test is not to read about cases, it’s about practicing cases. Our Step 3 CCS Practice program includes 140 cases you can practice with. People learn by doing and not by just reading. To give an analogy, if you’re a basketball player, and you are worried about performing well on a game, do you watch videos of professional athletes playing basketball? Do you read about the best techniques for making free throws? No, you get out there and start shooting the ball.

Our Step 3 CCS Practice program is just that. It’s like shooting the ball for the big game day which is the USMLE Step 3. The program is nearly identical to the real day. Seriously, why practice with a program like Uworld which is different than the real test? This doesn’t make sense. That’s like practicing on a 7 foot basketball hoop, then playing on the real day with a 10 foot basketball hoop. Yes, the practicing on the 7 foot hoop is probably better than nothing, but you need to make serious adjustments on game day.

Try our Step 3 CCS Practice

CCS Cases Step 3 CCS Practice has the entire order set (over 20,000 orders), it has grading, it has feedback, it has cases that you will see on the real day. It is as close to the real practice test than actually taking the test. The beautiful thing about the Step 3 CCS Practice is that you can learn from your mistakes prior to exam day with our grading and feedback. You don’t have to wonder if you performed well like in the Uworld CCS Cases; you’ll be given a percentage score and then the grading breakdown.

Go ahead and take a look and download our Step 3 CCS Practice Material here.

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