Release of version 3.3.3!

Release of version 3.3.3!

We are happy to announce that after a long hard stretch, we have finished our new version. We originally thought we would release this beginning of October, but we are about 2 weeks behind. We have had a lot of feedback on features that you wanted us to implement. Most of the requested features had to do with sorting and playing different cases. We’re happy to say that most of what has been asked for has been implemented. Here is what’s new:

– The ability to mark a completed case as “not completed.” (People asked us to implement this for various reasons).

– The ability to mark a not-completed case as “completed.”

– The ability to mark a case as a “Review Later.”

– The ability to sort cases by Completed, Review Later, Time limit, Category, or case ID

– The ability to see the final diagnosis for each case

– The ability to override the “default” time limit of 10 minutes or 20 minutes (You can make a 20 minute case 10 minutes, and you can make a 10 minute case 20 minutes).

– Added a new case

– Minor bug fixes

Hope you enjoy the new version. Paid customers get free updates. You can download it here.