2 Week Subscription / Extension (15 days) - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux - CCSCases.com


One person can login to any device with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc). This means that you can login to any device that has a modern browser including: iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Chrome Books, Windows computers, Mac computers.

Limitation: For one user only. No sharing with others. Access for six months from the time of purchase.


- Simulation experience almost identical to the real testing environment

- Over 20,000 orders just like on the real test

- 170+ cases to study and become familiar with how the case simulator works

- Scoring, grading, and feedback based on your answers which are provided at the end of each case with suggestions on how to improve your score.

- 2 week Subscription / Extension (15 days) (There are no discounts for extensions, so purchase the time that you need. There are no exceptions for getting discounts to extend your subscription even for events outside of your control, so please order more time than you think that you need).

- Try 2 free cases before you buy

- There is no limit to the number of times you can complete each case.

Note: If you would like to extend, checkout with the same e-mail address that you originally purchased, and it will link to your account and extend your subscription.

Things to consider prior to purchase:

1 - Extensions are the same price as a new subscription. Extensions allow you to keep your data from the prior subscription.

2 - There are no refunds for unused time

3 - Subscriptions begin at the time of purchase

4 - Once purchased, you cannot switch subscription lengths and pay the difference. For example, if you decide you would like to change from a 1 month subscription to a 3 month subscription, you cannot pay the $10 difference. You would need to purchase a new subscription at the regular price.

5 - There are no discounted or free extensions even if it's only for one day. There are no exceptions even for circumstances outside your control such as illness or test cancellation.

6 - We highly recommend that you purchase more time than you think that you need.

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2 Week Subscription / Extension (15 days) - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux - CCSCases.com


1 Month Subscription / Extension (31 days) - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux - CCSCases.com


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6 Month Subscription / Extension (186 days) - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux - CCSCases.com




Words From Our Customers

Ramu V.

I passed my test! All 12-13 cases came from ccscases.com! Thank you so much! You helped me a lot! I am telling everyone to do ccscases.com!

Matt M.

It’s an excellent program.

Ekta S.

By the way, I wanted to say thank you for your program because I passed the CCS Part because of it.

Ashkan A.

CCS Cases helped improve my confidence and [helped] to get exposed to many many cases. I did pass Step 3. It definitely helped me during the exam.

Vaneliz N.

I must say I really like your software. I believe it has made me a better doctor.

Oliver S.

Awesome program.

Alexander C.

Just wanting you to know that I was able to find my way to a passing score on the USMLE Step 3 exam. Again, your CCSCases software was instrumental in helping instill in me the confidence I needed to feel prepared. Thank you for the efforts you are making.

Alex C.

Thank you for creating CCSCases. I am learning a lot by using it. I think it should be a mandatory component of MS-III curriculum in every medical school.

Kathy C.

The USMLE world was great for questionbank but utterly useless for the CCS as it did not give me feedback, however your software gave me specific feedback and very easy to use. Your software was representative of the exam as well. I will tell everyone writing Step 3 to buy your software!

Greg J.

Thank you so much. This helped tremendously. I think you have a wonderful product and a great system.

Steve B.

I have been using the program, and it has been fluid and a great expierence.

Zach P.

You guys are much better than uworld.

Javed K.

CCScases software is a great resource for ccs preparation.

Allan D.

This product is hands down the best CCS preparation software! No other software out there offers the feedback like your product!

Peter C.

I have to say that CCS Cases is hands down the best program I’ve ever used for Step 3!

Mona M.

Thank you very much. I absolutely love this product! It’s great and very helpful

Daire G.

Keep up the good work. I really admire the job you guys have done on this excellent program.

Fernando G.

Thank you so much!! I greatly appreciate it! I think your program is extremely accurate.

Kenneth O.

Let me take this time out to thank the entire staff and founders of CCS Cases. My result came today and I passed on a second attempt. I had remarkable improvement (70%) on the CCS portion of my exam and used only your website and nothing else. I’m exceedingly grateful to you guys for this practice material.


This is A MUST product prior to STEP3.!!! Few hours ago I got my exam result, and I passed with high performance on CCS. It is a great software, that can help to build confidence during your exam. Can’t be more grateful!

Rik M.

Your cases will have played an enormously large part is my success. I would not have learned as much medicine without your cases. I am a much better MD because of them both in knowledge and confidence. I can't thank you enough!!!

Rafael J.

I find CCS Cases very helpful in preparing for the CCS part of the USMLE step 3.

Magui V.

The program is awesome!

Rahul P.

Your software is much better than competitors. I took my step 3 during my ICU rotation but still managed to get good score. Thanks!

Diver D.

Great program I am enjoying it a lot.

Sameer M.

I passed Step 3! Thanks!

Nathan J

Thank you for creating such a great reasonably priced up-to-date product that allows me to prepare for my exam. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. Best money I ever spent. Thank you,