Positive or Negative Patient Updates

What is a negative patient update?

We get this question a lot from users who are not familiar with how the CCS test works. A negative patient update is when a pop-up will appear essentially saying that the patient is doing/feeling worse. This is an example:

A positive patient update essentially says that the patient is improving or doing better. This is an example:

The general rule of thumb is that if you get a positive patient update, then you are doing the correct treatment, and if you are not giving the correct treatment, then you will get a patient update. There are some instances that the patient will give a negative patient update even though you are giving the correct treatment and correct management. There are also times where a positive patient update will appear even though you are doing incorrect treatment or incorrect management. However, the majority of the cases, this rule is true.

If you are too "slow" in treatment or management, then you will get a negative patient update. Just like in the real test, you will lose points if you get negative patient updates for not giving treatment soon enough. "Slow" is in quotes because users think in real time meaning they have to rush and go through the case real fast. This is not what is meant. This is "slow" in the virtual time, not real time. You advance the clock manually which advances virtual time. See our post on how the clock works if you still have questions about real vs virtual time.