New Feature Added to Online/Web Version


New Feature Added to the Online/Web Version

Many times we get users who start studying for the USMLE Step 3 Portion and ask us which cases of the 140 should they study a week before the test. These customers can't study all 140 cases and want to know which cases would be the highest yield which mean which cases would be most likely to appear on the test (though all of the cases have a chance of appearing on the real test, but some cases appear more often than others). 

We have implemented this feature as a voting system that the users can use. If you feel that a particular case is High Yield (meaning it has a high chance of ending up on the test), you mark the case as high yield in the grading portion of the case. Each customer gets 1 vote per case. So if case #12 has 200 votes, this means 200 different customers felt that this case was High Yield. 

This is a quick and dirty way for someone who is studying last minute to hit the cases that the community feel are the highest yield. The safe way would be to study all 140 cases. Is it possible that the community could be incorrect as to which cases are High Yield and which are not? Yes, of course. We recommend that you study all of the cases, but this is just another feature that our users can use at their discretion.