How close is your software to the real test?

We get this question a lot: How close is your software to the real test?

The answer is simple: Pretty darn close. If you have used our software, you will not be surprised by how the software works and feels on the real day. There are some minor cosmetic differences, but not enough that would throw you off on the real test day. We try to prepare you as accurately as possible so that you can do well on test day. Some of our customers are afraid of a slower experience than what our program has to offer; we have made a feature called “Simulate Network Lag” that can simulate a slower Internet day during your test. We hope that this does not happen to you, but we have heard stories of this happening with the program loading and responding slowly.

Now in the real test day, you will not receive feedback after each case. You will receive your score and feedback after 3-4 weeks (sometimes more) after you complete the entire 2-day test. On your score-card, you will get feedback from all of the rest of step 3 and for your CCS portion you will get a performance chart that looks like this:

Obviously, you want fewer “xxx” and closer to the “High Performance” as the “xxx” represent your spread, so the more xxxx, the less certain they are about your performance. The less number of xxx, the more certain they are of your performance.

What the question of how close is your software to the real test is really asking us, “I don’t believe you. Are you sure you’re for real?” We understand. It’s okay to be skeptical. This is why you can download our program here and try it out on 2 free cases without having to even give us any information. You can make up your own mind. If you don’t like it, then you don’t need to go any further. If you do, you can enjoy 140 cases to help you prepare for the USMLE Step 3 CCS portion of the test.

Update: see a later post. The USMLE has change their reporting of your scores, so it will not look like the above image anymore.