Final Diagnosis Window Removed from Real Test (and ours too)


This window may have looked familiar. At the end of the case, if you ended the case prior to the case running out of time, this window would pop-up (it would pop-up on the real exam as well). You would enter the diagnosis of what you felt that the patient had. This window has never been graded. We always felt that it was confusing that you would enter data which is never looked at or graded at all.

A lot of students would focus unnecessarily on getting the correctly worded diagnosis entered into this window which was never graded. We have been saying for years that it was never graded, but still unnecessary attention was focused on this.

The USMLE has removed this window from the real test, so you will no longer enter any information into a window. When you hit the “End Case” button at the end of the case, then it will go to the break window and allow you to move on to the next case.

In order to be consistent, we also have removed the final diagnosis window in our program. The best way to prepare for the USMLE Step 3 CCS cases is to practice in real simulation software. You can try out 2 free cases here.

Thanks for reading.