Can you help me with troubleshooting the online version if I'm having trouble?

Most of these steps will resolve any issues that you may be having:

#1 - Make sure you have a decent Internet connection. If you are using wireless 4G/5G, in certain areas you may experience delays

#2 - Clear your cache (This is located in settings of your browser). You can also use Incognito or Private mode which will delete your cache.

#3 - Try using a different Browser

#4 - Make sure you do not have programs running that slows or blocks your Internet activity down such as Web Antivirus programs or Internet Security Programs (Bitdefender is known to block harmless api requests).

#5 - To troubleshoot, try to use a different device (like an Android device, iPad, iPhone) and see if your problems go away. You can then assume that device that was switched from is causing the slow down / issue.