Failed Step 3

Have you failed step 3?

We understand that for students who have failed step 3 that this can be devastating. Many students report that the reason they failed step 3 is due to the CCS Case portion of the test. They were unfamiliar with the testing environment, unfamiliar with what to order, unfamiliar with what the cases were looking far.

Being unfamiliar with the software can lead to telling your friends and family that you failed step 3

Being familiar with the CCS software is essential to avoid failing step 3. Our software is almost identical to the real test, so you develop valuable experience using our software that you can’t get from reading a book about step 3. Actually practicing is the only way to get better and to avoid telling your friends and family that you failed step 3.

Our software lets you practice with 140 cases, and there is a reasonable fee, so you can take as long as you need to become familiar with the software, and the most commonly seen cases. We only select the cases that have a high probability of being seen on the real test day.

We would highly recommend going to our download page located here and trialing 2 free cases which is fully functional. All the functions and features are available for this, so you can test what you are really purchasing. We have confidence that you will find that our software is better than our competitors and has a better value than our competitors who charge in our opinion excessive amounts. We also have interactive grading which our competitors do not. It actually tells you what you did right and what you did wrong.