Ending of 12 month subscription in 2023

After much debate, we have decided to end the 12 month subscription starting in 2023. Only a very small percentage of customers purchase the 12 month subscription, but there is a lot of confusion because of the 12 month subscription. This was originally designed to be sold to the student that would occasionally use the program and would not mind a 3 attempt per case limit. No matter how many times we explain this in the FAQ, the product purchase page, or the receipt; we are accused of "hiding" or trying to "trick people" with the 12 month subscription. We get emails stating that they did not read the "fine print." We don't have any "fine print" it's just "print" as it's the same font as the rest of the product that there is a 3 attempt per case limit.

This also bring a lot of questions whether the 1, 3, or 6 month subscriptions have case attempt limits. We get a lot of customers who purchase the 12 month subscription wanting to revert to the 6 month subscription because they didn't understand the 3 attempt per case limitation. We have also gotten customers who ordered the 12 month subscription, then forgot about it and then are upset that they did not use it. Therefore, to avoid confusion, we will be eliminating the 12 month subscription altogether in 2023.

We are not going to be replacing the 12 month subscription with an unlimited case attempts. 95-98% of our customers study and take the test within 6 months, so this change will not affect very many of our customers, but we feel will eliminate a lot of confusion. Those who currently have the 1 year subscription can continue as if there were no changes made. There just will be no new 1 year subscriptions sold.

Thanks for reading.