End of No Expiration Policy for Desktop Versions (But We Have Kept the Spirit of it!)


Unfortunately, due to fragrant abuse of our no expiration policy and due to people misunderstanding what was meant by no expiration, we have decided to end our no expiration policy. We are going to keep the original spirit of what was intended of our no expiration policy. The purpose was to allow ONE user to use the program on ONE computer. Period. There has been confusion with our no expiration policy for one computer. There are many people who misinterpret to mean that they have a “lifetime membership” which means they can install on unlimited devices and share with as many people as they wish. They become upset when we explain that this is licensed per computer. This method of licensing has been around much longer than subscription, but it has caused confusion for some. To be more transparent, we will move into the now more familiar subscription model.

We apologize if we have been forced to “tighten the belt” if you will. It has become necessary due to frank abuse which has been disappointing. We have made adjustments to try to decrease the abuse and still give our customers enough leeway to study until their test.