Cracking the CCS Cases


Cracking the CCS Cases

You probably know what I’m going to say on the secret sauce on cracking the CCS Cases…wait for it….p….r…a…c…ok, that’s enough. Yes, it’s practice. Reading a book titled “Cracking the CCS Cases” is not going to cut it. You can read a book all day long about how to be a great tennis player. You can study how it’s important to grip the handle, the velocity of the ball, the rules of the game, ok you get the analogy. You’re never going to be a great player unless you get out there and hit the ball. The same is true about cracking the CCS cases; you need to practice cases with actual software and become efficient and competent in solving cases. Reading about it isn’t going to cut it.

We’ve got the solution for you: Now, you can try it out for free (with 2 free cases), and you can see what you think. You get a grade after the completion of each test which goes through all the things that you did correctly and all the things which you could have done to improve your score.

No other software (that we are aware of) does this. We go through each section from the physical exam to the diagnostic testing to the treatment to the preventative care and go through what you did right and what you could have done better. You don’t need a study partner anymore.

We suggest you try our free trial version here and let us know what you think. Go hit those tennis balls or ccs balls…ok, I’ll stop, now it’s just getting weird.