CCS Test

Are you looking for something to help you prepare for the CCS test? Well, we’ve worked hard to make the most effective and money valued product that will help you prepare for the CCS test. We have 140 cases which will more than adequately prepare you for the CCS test on the real testing day. The program which works on a Mac and a PC is almost identical to the real program. This will give you valuable experience, so that you can perform well on the CCS test.

Prepare for the CCS test

Go ahead and try our our product by going to the download page here and loading it up. You will notice that the product works much better than UWorld’s version which is slow and clunky. Our program for the Mac and PC is quick and can grade. Compare this to Uworld’s CCS program. They only give a paragraph of what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. Our program offer interactive grading and feedback. It will tell you what you did right and what you missed. This is very powerful in helping you learn and study, so you can ace the CCS portion of the test on test day.

How our program will help for the CCS test

140 cases, 20,000 different orders (just like the real test), interactive feedback and grading, and a reasonable fee. Buy early and study where you would like. This can be helpful during a very busy residency where you do not have a lot of time to study. Go ahead and give our CCS test program a try.