CCS Software

There are not many CCS Software products out in the market. As you many already know, there is the FRED software, the Uworld, and CCS Cases CCS Software. There are distinct differences between each one. The FRED software is the same software that you will be using on the test day. It comes with some trial cases, but it doesn’t offer any feedback. It has a maximum number of 5 trial cases. There isn’t much more to it. The Uworld CCS Software comes with 50 cases, there is no feedback, and you will notice that the CCS Software is slow and frustrating. With’s CCS Software, you will notice that we have 140 cases, interactive real-time feedback and grading, and a smooth and responsive interface.

Compare our CCS Software to Uworld’s

Please compare our product. We ask that you go to our download page and use our product to see for yourself. You will notice a seamless experience compared to the slow version of Uworld’s. We also offer real-time feedback and grading based on your answers. This is not offered the Uworld’s product. You can try 2 cases free before you decided to buy which is a fully functional trial. You can buy early and study as long as you need to master the concepts required to do well on the step 3 CCS test.

There is always the tendency to think that Uworld has the best of everything to prepare for the USMLE Step 3. Granted, their Qbanks are top notch, but the CCS Software preparation is seriously lacking. We know you will agree if you download our product and compare!

Notice our CCS Software has grading that gives you real-time feedback on what you did right and what you did wrong.

Again, give this a shot, and you will see the difference!