Added New Logging Feature

This has been a much requested feature. Many users couldn’t remember what they did or what they ordered by the end of the 10 min or 20 min case. This is a common complaint when studying with Uworld where there is no grading, feedback, or log feature. They have a paragraph of what should have been done, but the user is wondering “Did I do that? I don’t remember. I hope I did.”

Well, we have created a solution to this. We have created a new logging feature that will log events and what is ordered throughout the case and will be stored in your case feedback at the end of the case. We will be adding time advance logging soon.

The logging feature will look like this:

We hope that you will like this new feature and that it can help you in your study for the USMLE Step 3 CCS Cases. We are constantly improving our program which is why it’s the absolute best in rich features, cases, and grading. You will not find a better prep for the CCS Cases portion of the USMLE Step 3.

As usual, all paid customers get free upgrades to all new versions. You can download the new version here.