Added Ability to Turn Off Grading Feature

I know! What? Why would we even do this? This is the reason most people decide to use to study for the CCS Portion of the test.

Well, we rarely get hate mail stating that they really feel that they know best when it comes to how a case should be performed (why do you need to study again?). These particular users feel that it would be best if they graded the case themselves.

Although we disagree vehemently, it did not take much time to add this feature, so here you go! See below:

You can un-click the checkbox “Enable Feedback Grading.” You will no longer receive a score, and all grading will appear as “Suggestions.”

For those interested, you can use the new log feature to look at what was done and ordered during the case to grade it yourself if you are so inclined.

We do not feel that this feature will be used very often, but it’s there anyway!

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