Urgency Functionality Removed from the Real Test (and ours too)!

When the USMLE Step 3 CCS Cases first came out, they had the functionality called Urgency. After each order, you would select how “urgent” the order was. You would select “Routine” or “stat.” The USMLE realized students would agonize over an order was routine or stat which would be distracting (In our opinion, they never did grade the difference between urgency or stat – this was heavily emphasized on exam preps, but we felt that this was an unnecessary detail). About a year later, the USMLE decided to just make all orders “stat” and not have the option of “routine.” This is what our program also showed for a long time. We received a lot of e-mails asking us about where “routine” went, and we had to explain that the real test eliminated this function.

Now, the USMLE has eliminated “stat” as well, so there is no Urgency options anymore. You will no longer need to even think about whether an order is “stat” or “routine” anymore. For consistency sake, we also have removed this functionality as well, so in new versions, there will no longer be a “stat” or “routine” options when ordering orders.

You will still have the option to select “Frequency” which is an uncommonly used option in the USMLE. The new box will look like this:

We stay up-to-date in the changes occurring on the real test so that you will not be surprised on test day. We recommend that you try our CCS Cases simulator for free here.

Practice makes perfect.